Tom Leatherbarrow is a senior PR professional based in Birmingham in the UK.  He has spent his entire professional life from 1992 in PR and communication roles, working in areas as diverse as financial PR, corporate communications, B2B and crisis communications in both agency and in-house roles.

He is a Registered Representative of the Securities & Futures Authority and has advised some of the UK’s largest and most successful companies, including Inchcape, JD Sports, Hogg Robinson, Siemens, Coors Brewers, Worcester Bosch and Tesco. 

He was part of the team which advised the States of Jersey during the investigation of the island’s financial regulation by the Home Office and also conducted a damage limitation exercise during the employment tribunal case which resulted in the UK’s most expensive tribunal damages award.

In early 2009 a colleague asked him to contribute to the Willoughby PR blog and, upon finding a place for his opinions at long last, has not stopped blogging since. 

This blog covers his professional passions (PR, communication, the media) and his enthusiastic amateur passsions (politics, economics, history and golf).

His ideal dining companions are Henry Kissinger, Robert Kennedy and Albert Speer (a former US Secretary of State and German Jewish refugee, a classic American liberal and Hitler’s Minister of Armaments).  In the unlikely event he ever gets to dine with any of them (it is extremely unlikely considering two of them are dead), his wife has sworn not to attend.

He lives in leafy Worcestershire and spends what little spare time he has playing golf, cooking, reading and running around after his two children.


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